Why did decided to study software development? (From acting to programming).

When I was a kid, I always wanted to build something on my own and when the apps and websites started to blow up, I always was curious about how it was built, I started researching and I found Flatiron school and their Boot camps, but I never joined, until I found the opportunity through Amazon’s Career Choice program.

That is not where everything started, I was taking acting classes on 2019 on a school called Borrow Group, since acting is my passion, I found it fascinating, but when the COVID pandemic hit I was not able to take classes in person and I always thought it does not make sense to take acting classes online. So, I decided to work more hours at Amazon and look for a side hustle or a new hobby and that’s when programming came to my mind.

When I started researching about programming, I noticed that pay is not bad at all and working from a remote location could be an option. A year after, Amazon offered a Software development program I saw the opportunity and went for it. Now I am here, writing my first required blog for the program.

It has been an incredible experience so far, I learned about HTML, CSS and JavaScript. I still know that there are so many things that I must learned but it feels amazing when you are able to build something, and you can finally see your finished product.