My Phase 2 Project (Corona’s Car Rental).

Before starting with this software development course with Flatiron School, I never saw or read a single line of code in my life. Now I can build a website. We just finished phase 2 of the program and like all phases we have a project at the end. This phase I build a website for a rent a car.

This Phase was all about React, I create a mock json server where I was running my array of objects with the information of the cars, with useEffet and useState I fetched my data and stored it.

Created a Home component where I stored all the information seen on the welcome page. After I created a Carscontainer component Where I was displaying the information of the cars and a Rent me button with the functionality of requesting a DELETE from the server. I created a Formmcontainer component in charge of displaying the Form and requesting a POST on the server with the information on the inputs of the form, and finally a Carsdetails component that display more details about the car you the customer wants to rent.

With this Project I phased some challenges since it is my first project of this size, my main problem was how to think about my information flow, I was able to familiarize with passing props and using useEffect and useState, I cant wait to start a new project.