Before starting with this software development course with Flatiron School, I never saw or read a single line of code in my life. Now I can build a website. We just finished phase 2 of the program and like all phases we have a project at the end. This phase I build a website for a rent a car.

This Phase was all about React, I create a mock json server where I was running my array of objects with the information of the cars, with useEffet and useState I fetched my data and stored it.

Created a Home component…

My phase 01 project is a Covid Tracker, I found a public API with Data from the day before the actual day that is being fetched. I started planning my project and sketched how I wanted it to look.

I started by creating my files, then I planned what I wanted my website to do and what functions i was going to create to make my website work as I expected. I made a function called “Takedata” to fetch the data from the API. It returned an array of objects.

When I was a kid, I always wanted to build something on my own and when the apps and websites started to blow up, I always was curious about how it was built, I started researching and I found Flatiron school and their Boot camps, but I never joined, until I found the opportunity through Amazon’s Career Choice program.

That is not where everything started, I was taking acting classes on 2019 on a school called Borrow Group, since acting is my passion, I found it fascinating, but when the COVID pandemic hit I was not able to take classes…

Christopher Corona

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